Michael Short Fine Art

           Original Paintings For Sale

"Runt's Roost"  14"x20" oil on linen $550

"Heavy Tusker" 14" x  20" oil on linen SOLD.

"Speed and Courage" Hawker Hunters on patrol 14" x 28" oil on linen  US$700.

"Lioness Oil Sketch" 7" x  5" oil on linen glued to boardSOLD.

"Hunyani" Vickers Viscount 20" x 30" oil on linen US$950.

"Senna" 5" x 7" oil on board SOLD.

"HMS Hood" 7" x 14" oil on linen glued to board  US$200.

Pencil drawing of B-17 US$200.

"RAF P-51 Mustang" 6" x 8" oil on linen glued to board SOLD.

"Aeronca C3" 11" x 14" oil on cotton US$350.

73 Squadron Hurricane 12" x 18" oil on linen $350. SOLD

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