The print is limited to 107 giclée canvas prints (there were 107 victims total in the loss of the two aircraft) and 400 paper prints.
Giclée canvas print (unstretched), edition size 107, image size: 16” x 24” US$85
Paper print: 100% cotton rag, heavy weight and acid free, edition size 400, image size 12” x 18”, paper size 17” x 22” US$60
Handling (packaging) US$4 + shipping which will vary according to destination.

10% of proceeds from sales go to the "Sweet Banana Fund".

On 3 September 1978 Air Rhodesia Viscount 'Hunyani' took off from Kariba Airport, Rhodesia on scheduled flight RH825 to Salisbury, Rhodesia at 17:10. Shortly after take-off, the starboard wing was hit by a SAM-7 Strella missile.
An emergency descent was carried out and the crew tried to make a landing in a large clearing in the bush in the Whamira Hills, near Karoi, 16km from the southern shores of Lake Kariba. The aircraft crash-landed, striking an irrigation ditch, cart-wheeled, broke up and caught fire. All 4 crew and 34 of the 52 passengers died in the crash.
Fighters from Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe Peoples Revolution Army (ZIPRA) were responsible for shooting down the aircraft and later killed 10 of the 18 survivors. The remaining 8 survivors were rescued the next day.

"Deafening Silence"

 This print vividly brings to life the spectacle and drama of air to ground combat during the final stages of WW II. All prints are individually signed and numbered by the artist a F/O E.A.W. "Ted" Smith of 127 Squadron.

Edition Size: 500 prints plus 25 Artist Proofs.
Image Size: 16 3/4" x 24"
Paper Size: 24" x 31" (100 Lb. acid free).
Price: $55
Shipping and Handling: $12

"Double Strike on The Zuider Zee"
                               16 April, 1945

"Tiger Attack"

"Take Off"

Limited Edition 50 Artist Proofs and 50 Publishers Proofs

Signatures of some of those who were on the one and only flight of this historic aircraft. Embossed "50th Anniversary" on bottom of print.

Image Size: 31.26" x 12.5"
Paper Size: 35.5" x 17.5"

Price $225.
Shipping and Handling: $10
Please note that some of these prints have an extremely minor mark but because of limited supply I cannot discount them.
The flight of the HK-1 or "Spruce Goose" as the aircraft is more commonly known, was a brief but dramatic affair. A product of eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes the HK-1 was simply massive with a wingspan of 320 feet and having a gross weight of some 400,000 Lbs. The Spruce Goose was constructed entirely out of wood as strategic materials such as aluminum were is short supply. Many thought that the aircraft would not, indeed could not fly, but it did - just once.

On November 2nd 1947 Howard Hughes took his place in the left seat of the flying boat and accompanied by 18 crewmen and 5 company officials he asked copilot Dave Grant for 15 degrees of flap. With flaps set the Spruce Goose turned towards the San Pedro end of the harbor and Hughes advanced the throttles. At 70 mph the HK-1 took to the air and at an altitude of 70 feet flew for just one mile before setting back on the water. The aircraft was never to fly again.
The 18 crew members were as follows:
1) Howard Hughes (Pilot).

2) Dave Grant (Copilot and hydraulics engineer).

3) Chuck Jucker (Crew chief).

4) Joe Patralli (Flight engineer).

5) Donald Smith (Flight engineer).

6) Warren Read (Assistant chief engineer).

7) Dave Evans (Radio operator).

8) Merle Coffee (Electrician).

9) Jack Jacobson (Electrician).

10) Thomas Dugdale (Hydraulic mechanic).
11) Vic Leonard (Hydraulic mechanic).

12) Phillip Thibodeau (Mechanic).
13) Harry Kaiser (Mechanic).

14) Al Gererink (Mechanic).

15) Jim Thomson (Mechanic).

16) Donald Shirley (Mechanic).

17) John Glenn (Mechanic).

18) Mel Glaser (Mechanic).

19) Dave Van Storm (Mechanic).

This print depicts that dramatic moment of "Lift Off" and is signed by a number (not all) of those who are listed above. The signatures of these men together on this print makes for a very rare item. I only have 170 of these Artist Proof prints and that is it. I do not know of any other print that was done with the signatures of the survivors of those who flew on the Spruce Goose.
Most print have the signatures of Grant, Glaser, Coffee, Glen and Van Storm.

"Tiger Attack" signed by "Tex" Hill
Limited edition of 248 prints

Image Size: 20" x 14"

Paper Size: 24" x 18"

Price: $45 + $7 Shipping and Handling.
Each print individually signed by David Lee "Tex" Hill of the 2nd Pursuit Squadron AVG